~Nimrod Labor Day Bull Bash~

Enjoy our family farm June 16th-17th as well as Labor Day Weekend 2 miles east of Nimrod, MN.
 Enjoy live Bull Riding action followed by live music starting at 7pm each night! Camp right on site and enjoy Bull Riding, Live Music, Sheep Riding along with other day activates, along with other town events throughout the whole weekend!

We started the Nimrod Labor Day Bull Bash in 2002 and every year the show keeps growing! Starting off as just wanting to share our favorite sport with our community in our back yard, we never expected our event to grow into thousands of spectators each night! First events had only a hundred spectators with only bull riding available for one night. Now we have grown in to thousands of people, including a family fun filled Labor Day Weekend full of 3 days of family entertainment! We have camping available right on site, 3 hours of family filled entertainment with Live Bull Riding action and Muttin Busting for kids, followed by live music from well known bands! As a family ran show we personally would like to invite you out to our home to enjoy a fun filled family weekend! 

The Nimrod Labor Day Bull Bash is a 4x NFPB Event of the year! The 2022 season marks the 27th Anniversary of the NFPB, which makes it the second longest running bull riding association in the sport. Their are NFPB sanctioned events throughout 29 states with an average of 150 performances every year. Sanctioned events have been as far east as New York, west to Washington, north to the Canadian border and south to Texas and New Mexico. With over a hundred performances and hundreds of the top Bull Riders competing for the champion title, The Nimrod Bull Bash was awarded the Event of The Year 4 years in a row!

​Thank you to all of our sponsors, you have given us the opportunity to continue to grow every year! If you would like to advertise your business in front of thousands of people contact Heidi for more information.

Troy Meech 
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Meech Bucking Bulls
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25612 Co Rd 12 Sebeka, MN 56477